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To imagine
losing your memory,
like looking
through a
frosted window..
only seeing a
familiar view...







There's a light on in the window
Just to let you know I'm here
So, wherever you are going--
Remember, I'm still near.

Feel secure and safe in knowing
That my love will never change
Regardless of appearances--
My love remains the same.

There is nowhere you could travel
That, for me, is too far away--
I'll go where you desire
Beside you, I will stay.

I'll live within your heart
Forever-- Nothing will
Ever change this truth--
That I am with you, still.

Yes, there's a light on in the window
To where my soul can see--

While gazing out, upon you,
You're looking in, at me--

You see the person I've become
Yet, who I used to be--
You see my light, still shining
My love-- Eternally.

Copyright 1998 Dorothy Womack

Alzheimer's is a tragic disease that affects not only the patient, but their loved ones.

My aunt died recently of Alzheimer's Disease. I didn't know her well, and hadn't seen her since I was a child.

My only experience with it has been as an observer of the caregiver. Years ago I worked with a man who was a wonderful co-worker, and family man. His mother had Alzheimer's Disease, and he and his wife, and children cared for his mother in their home. I remember so many times seeing the worry cross his face as he would take phone calls and have to leave work to deal with another crisis, especially when she would wander away from home.

Please visit the links I have included on this page. I hope they help you.

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Alzheimer's Disease Information Directory
(From A Year To Remember)

Alzheimer's Disease International

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Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral

Natural Therapies for Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease Centers Program Directory

Web of Care

Ageless Design

The Alzheimer's Disease Society

Alzheimer's Disease News & Information Center

Mayo Clinic Alzheimer's Disease Center

Caregiver's Haven

Facts About Alzheimer's

Caspita! Alzheimer's Disease In Our Family

WelcomeFunds' Alzheimer's Disease Links

Alzheimer's Research Forum

Alzheimer's Disease Links


Alzheimer's Outreach

Doctor's Guide (med alerts)

Alzheimer Web

MediConsult: Alzheimer's Health & Medical Information

*If you have an important link to add to this list, please email me the site url.
Thank You! ~Softlady~



The Poetry, Graphics and Music delightfully
enjoyed and used with Sincere
Gratitude to the following:


~Thank You, Noctua, for giving permission
to use your Beautiful Artwork
:The Window:

~Noctua Graphics~


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"A Light On in The Window"
Dorothy Womack

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