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Email from a friend about
my Phenomenal Women of the Web invitation....

  • "It comes as no surprise to me that you were accepted to the Phenomenal Women of the Web, I always knew you were a phenomenon and you certainly deserve the membership for all your hard work on your site.

    Congratulations. Now that you're a member of this prestigious organization, are you sure you want to be associating with a mear commoner like me with only a membership in the HWG? I expect you will be looking for a higher class of friends now, maybe even become active in government. And who can tell, maybe someday you will become president. I wish you all the best and much success in your new endeavors and as you rise to the top of the social ladder I only hope you will think of me once in a while wallowing down here in the gutters of humanity.

    I'll be watching the newspapers for your name.
    Good Luck,"

    **{THIS GUY CRACKS ME UP!!! ~Softlady}