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*Note from Softlady

Maraya is my youngest daughter. Her name means Aries daughter. She is definitely 100% Aries too... a fiesty fire sign.

Recently, Maraya and I were having a great morning together cleaning the house, and she ran across this poem of hers... 'I Am' and it touched me so much, I asked her if I could put it on the web.

This was a school assignment, where the teacher had provided the first two words of each line. The rest of each sentence is Maraya's. She had printed it on a cloud background, and so I continued that theme on her page. She also picked the midi, which also happens to be one of my favorites. :-)

I will include some photos and more information about Maraya in the future. She is a beautiful girl.

I also have another beautiful daughter, her older sister, Deborah, (a Scorpio) and a darling grand daughter, Desiree, (a Leo).