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I hope you enjoy my Love Treasures! Click on the beautiful graphic above. {If it appears incomplete, hit your reload button} Each of the 6 hearts takes you to a different page. If your browser doesn't 'show' you the page title when you click on a heart, then please use the links below.

I have really enjoyed this project. Being 'in Love' is the greatest feeling in the world. I'm crazy about anything to do with love, and have been putting these pages together in my mind for quite awhile.

I will be adding to this collection regularly, so please visit often.


** ~My Award~ for this collection
from Tboob.
Thank You Tboob!!!

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There are some people who live in a
dream world, and there are some
who face reality; and then
there are those who turn
one into the other.
  - Douglas Everett

Graphics are delightfully
enjoyed and used with Sincere
Gratitude to the following:

Thank You, Lisa!


This webring is all about romance, love and the heartbreaks that can result. Sites have romantic and mushy poetry, verses, graphics of love and a general overall romantic feel. They also share their personal stories about romance, love and heartbreak. Cupid lives in the hearts of the sites that participate in this ring.

Romance, Love & Heartbreak Webring 
of the
Phenomenal Women 
Of The Web®

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