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This webring is all about romance, love and the heartbreaks that can result. Sites have romantic and mushy poetry, verses, graphics of love and a general overall romantic feel. They also share their personal stories about romance, love and heartbreak. Cupid lives in the hearts of the sites that participate in this ring.

Romance, Love & Heartbreak Webring 
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Phenomenal Women 
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This webring is OPEN TO ALL WEBSITES - woman or man. It is comprised of websites with content specific to POW-MIA information, both active duty or Veterans of any war (VFW), dealing with any aspect of the military/military life, military spouse sites and/or a military related issue/topic/subject.

Military Webring 

of the
Phenomenal Women 
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Circle of the Muses
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I am very proud
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by my dear friend, Lady StarShadow
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I am a very proud member of this WONDERFUL group of WebTVers


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