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I am a 15 year old young lady with many dreams.

I wonder how I could achieve them and love it.

I feel that I have a good life ahead of me.

I know that I am able to succeed in life.

I am a dream-catcher, a very great-minded young lady.

I look teen like, but am a great inspirational lady.

I hear things like a counselor with many opinions and thoughts.

I touch many peoples' hearts by helping them with just about anything.

I say that people who have dreams can succeed.

I am the one you could talk to with confidentiality and have good advice.

I love to listen and talk. I love my family, friends and peers.

I laugh about little things, sometimes at others which I know is wrong.

I worry about the future of humankind.

I cry at the children and families that suffer by poverty.

I am a person who cares about people and friends.

I believe that we can achieve anything we want.

I understand we have come a long way, but we have a way to go.

I can help people when they are in need.

I will achieve all my goals and succeed to the fullest.

I am a dreamer that makes dreams come true.

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Dec. 1999 by

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