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  • 12/25/99 - Merry Christmas!! Thank you for stopping by! Anchorage has had a record week for weather. Well over a foot of snow, quickly followed by unusually warm temperatures in the 40's which melted all of our snow! High winds, and freezing temps turned our city into a gigantic ice rink. :-) We Alaskans are a hardy bunch! I received this in a Christmas card from a co-worker: 'May you have warmth in your igloo, oil in your lamp, and peace in your heart!' (old Eskimo proverb) Have a very Happy Holiday! ((hugs)) Softlady

  • 12/05/99 - Christmas is right around the corner!! I made my first Christmas page today ... it's called "A Christmas Wish" That was fun!

  • 10/30/99 - HAPPY HOLLOWEEN!! Winter has come to Anchorage this week with several inches of snow, and it is still snowing! :-) Alaskans are extra happy this month with the Alaska Permanent Fund in everyone's pocket a few weeks ago..$1,770 for each resident...even the, you can imagine the amount of shopping going on up here! I added some Live Cam sites to my Alaska take a look! Especially if you're curious about what a moose looks like 'in your face' The Cams they put on top of the Federal Bldg. are just awesome! Enjoy!!

  • 9/20/99 - I added a new Site Map tonight, which replaces my Index Page. I've entitled it 'My Web Window'. I had to train myself as I went in making an image map. Gee, that was a lot of fun! Thanks, Harry, for all the tips!

  • 8/28/99 - **Please note- Tripod, my wonderful host for my pages, is presently experiencing some problems with their server. If you find that my pages are not loading completely, or the graphics look strange, please hit 'reload'. Thank You, and enjoy your visit!!

  • 8/11/99 - I added my newest page this morning...~My POW/MIA & Veterans Page~. I enjoyed making this page so much. Remembering the Viet Nam Era, and discovering all the resources on the Net was wonderful.

  • 6/26/99 - I added a 'Doorway' to my homepage today. Also, I was missing my Peach rose homepage, so it is back. I am working on making it faster loading. :)

  • 6/19/99 - Summer has arrived in Alaska, and it has been hot and gorgeous! Yes, we have hot weather up here....*smile. Also, I have added a music page formatted for computer users. You can find the link to that at the top of my music page. I 'finally' was able to view my site on a computer, and was shocked to see how different it looked, especially my music page I had those neon laser gifs running, if you are on a pc, please email me ANY problems you encounter. I would love to know. Be sure and return soon, as I am working on several new pages. Enjoy your visit!

  • 5/31/99 - Happy Memorial Day! I found a really nice site today, and added it to my Alaska page. Be sure to go and see the 'Northern Lights' link. Whew! Have you ever seen the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern Lights? Well, you are in for a treat!! :)

  • 5/22/99 - I joined the most wonderful group of WebTVers today! ADH-Homepage Helpers...and I encourage everyone building a website, or interested in trying to join these fine people. They have a heck of a Welcome Wagon too! LOL! Seriously, they are extremely nice, and have a great sense of community. Find their logo at the bottom of my homepage.

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  • Since moving to Tripod, I have opened my Astrology Page, as well as my new JumpList. My Jumplist is still being created, but it is open. I have several more links to add... just trying to find the time. ;) Also, please feel free to Add-a-Link to my JumpList, especially your own website. Oh, I would love that!

  • 5/04/99 - Accepted as a member in Circle of the Muses Webring, qualifying with my Astrology Page. I am very interested in Mythology, and am anxious to discover my new friends in this unique ring. Thank You Kat & Charna!

  • 4/12/99 - Accepted as a member in The Circle of Light Webring, also qualifying with my Astrology page. This is a wonderful Webring, and I am so pleased to be included. Thank You Cassandra!

  • 4/11/99 - I was extended the honor of being accepted as a member of Phenomenal Women of The Web. Oh, What a Joy! What an awesome group of women here.Thank you so much Nancy!

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